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About Me

My dad (right) and I (left) after our 5k

My name is Robby Ramdin. I live in the Boston area and used to be working as a Software Engineer at the company Lime Brokerage LLC, where I’d been since July, 2008.

I graduated from Tufts University in May, 2008. I majored in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. My other academic interests lie in Linguistics, Classical Literature, Economics, and Social Psychology. The fields of Computer Science that intrigue me most are Graph Theory, Natural Language Processing, Computational Geometry, and Machine Learning. I’ve also recently taken an interest in Data Mining, Game Theory, and Swarm Behavior.

In addition to my regular classes, I participated in the Computing Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP), a National Science Foundation sponsored scholarship program that encourages undergraduates to pursue research in Computer Science. My research concerned the study of data depth, a subfield of Computational Geometry. The focus of my research was modifying existing depth measures to perform better on non-normal distributions. I also worked on creating new depth measure whose running time is not dependent on dimension, using Gabriel graphs.

As a senior at Tufts, I also participated in a research and design project creating a mechanism to read EEG information from sleep subjects to build a “metabolic alarm clock.” The goal of the project was to be able to interpret data to characterize subjects’ sleep cycles and wake them up at the best part of their sleep cycle within a stated time range.

I studied abroad at the University College London in England for my junior year (2006-2007). My most notable academic experience there was leading a team of seven in a Software Engineering group project. We wrote and deployed an embedded system for small wireless devices to read an accelerometer used for human gait analysis. In this project, I solidified my software development abilities and coding skills, while learning how to work closely with others on a relatively large-scale and fast-paced project.

I conducted my first academic software development project with two classmates as a senior in high school. We chose to develop a game engine in Java for the popular board game Axis & Allies. In this project, we unwittingly dealt with graph theory and state machines. We employed intelligent use of inheritance and polymorphism and a model-view-control paradigm, allowing other students to successfully complete the view and control aspects of the project.